“Progress: Our Raison D’etre”

One notices a very intricate and interdependent web of civilizations dispersed over a very long period of time when casting a quick look at the history of mankind. Each civilization played a role in the progress of mankind and each provided diverse explanations to its advancement and grandiose. Those explanations vary from realistic to ludicrous and sometimes fantastic. At dakwak, we know indisputably that translation was and remains the Fons et Origo to all civilizations and their progress. We know that without translation, many of the greatest discoveries and accomplishments considered vital to mankind would have perished into thin air. We also recognize that without translation, the world would have never morphed into the small village that we know.

At dakwak, we took it upon ourselves to persist in the mission of advancing mankind. We achieved our goal by bringing our technology to translation and placing it into your hands with a click of a finger.

Hence, we tore down all the walls that hinder effective communication and eliminated any chances of miscommunication ensuring that language is never a problem again. Since we eliminated the language barrier for you and opened new channels of communication with other cultures, we know that you will bring down all other barriers in your fields of interest.

The technology of dakwak carries with it huge potential in the business market in addition to its indispensable cultural value. Not only do we bring forth awareness and mutual understanding and hope for a more empathic world, but we also open the doors to business development. To illustrate, it is not a secret that the modern world continues to change and to flatten at a great speed. It is also undeniable that the competition in all the fields including business intensifies, consequently, it becomes increasingly important to adapt to the fast pacing changes and challenges. Because we believe that “it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”, we responded to change; rather than having the entire world use a Lingua Franca that can threaten distinctive cultural identity, we made the web speak your target language. Once you use our platform, we translate the content of your website so it appears in your target language thus your target market. In addition to introducing your business to new potential markets and ensuring that you reap all the benefits available, our professional and culturally sensitive translation guarantees that the customers you are targeting are comfortable and appreciative to your approach.

Business, in our parlance, is one road to progress and since we are true advocates to Wilde’s saying that “true progress is to know more, and be more, and do more”, we did exactly that. We researched your needs and created a technology that will open your business to new markets and new customers with all the huge growth potentials that lie ahead. Accordingly, our raison d’etre is fulfilled. By supporting your growth, we participated in pushing the wheel of progress a step further.

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