dakwak Among the Top 15 MENA Tech Start-ups

dakwak has been ranked among

the top 15 MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s most innovative tech start-ups expanding globally, by Wamda. Wamda, a platform propelling entrepreneurs in the MENA region also voted dakwak as one of the best users of technology in 2011.

dakwak is a web-based technology offering translation and localization in over 60 languages via three systems: machine translation, crowdsourcing, and professional translation.

Stemming from the fact that 85% percent of all consumers require information in their own native language before making an online purchase (Common Sense Advisory), dakwak strives to tackle the language barriers businesses face when expanding into international markets.

dakwak features at a glance
With dakwak, your days of shuttling resource files and source codes back and forth for translation are over. We offer hassle-free set-up and zero integration with our cloud-based technology, which is compatible with any framework, programming language, and secure socket layer (SSL).

Performance and simplicity
dakwak allows you to always be in complete control over the translated version of your website and offers real-time tracking of your translation process. The dakwak technology places various functions at your fingertips:

  • Our translation memory function stores words and phrases to ensure they are used in the desired context across the translated versions of your website.
  • An edit in place widget helps eliminate any learning curve by translating the content directly from within your website.
  • Do you already have

    translated content? Don’t lose the time and money already invested because with dakwak you can simply migrate your old translations to our platform and build on top of that.

Search engine visibility
Unlike “on the fly” translation functions, dakwak ensures the translated parts of your website are indexed by search engines and found by internet users searching in their native language.

The dakwak technology is flexible; you get to choose how and when your website content is published according to your unique needs. You can translate your content via machine translation, crowd-driven translation, or professional translation. You decide which method(s) you want to use on which pages.

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