[Infographic] How many clients are YOU losing?

Many online businesses focus a great portion of their effort on optimizing their product, refining the customer acquisition process, and finding the right marketing channels. Which is totally fine! But do you question the importance and immediate benefits to your business of focusing on non-English speaking markets….?

What if this small effort could result in 5 times more revenue for your company or improve your Alexa ranking OR better yet help you reach a market that you had not even known would be interested in your product?

If you’re one of those who say “No I don’t need any clients other than those who speak English”, then I’m sorry to say, you suck! Why? Simply because there are millions and millions of potential customers out there who don’t speak English and ARE WILLING to buy your product. So unless you’re already retired, living in your dream house, and got enough money to spend for the rest of your life, please avoid the mistake of missing out on international customers and consider translating your website.

Enjoy the Infographic!

Website Translation, Infographic


The All New Dakwak Platform is Here!

Since our launch in November 2012, we’ve been inDakwak’s team has been working hard to improve our clients’ experience on our platform taking into consideration your valuable feedback and comments.

Therefore, we are proud to bring you the all new Dakwak. Completely new dashboard that has put every corner of the platform just 3 clicks away from you at most!

The good things are yet to come! A step by step tutorial has been implemented to introduce you to the tools and features of Dakwak; by the end of the tutorial you will be in the driving seat ready to take your website to the next level.

Dakwak Tutorial

No matter what market you serve, or what language you speak, there is always more to it than already is. So go ahead and make it happen

[Video] Startup Funding Phases

In this video, different phases of startup funding is highlighted. Explaining the basic nature of each phase in terms of startup position, funding options, and where you can go from there.

Special thanks goes to OnlineMBA for sharing this creative video with us!

Talking about how to grow your business, translating and localizing your website to different languages has great positive impact on your traffic and sales, and an easy way to tap into new markets. Try out our website translation solution for free!

Silicon Valley Here We Come!

Dakwak, the effortless website translation technology provider, has secured a $100,000 investment from 500 Startups in a second round of seed investment.

In addition to the investment, Dakwak will be joining 500 Startups Accelerator Program (Spring batch 2013), which is one of the top 5 accelerator programs worldwide! Dakwak’s team has headed to the heart of Silicon Valley to receive top-notch mentorship and direct access to the most developed technology community in the world in order to take the product to the next level.

Dakwak is looking to raise $400,000 in this round. $100,000 were already secured from MENA Venture Investments. And with the investment of 500 Startups, $200,000 remain to be seized by potential investors.

A big warm thank you goes to Dave McClure and the 500 Startups team for giving us their time and support, and for making this happen!

Website Translation Case Study: Fustany

Fustany, a leading online fashion destination in the Middle East, is one of our clients. And we have interviewed Fustany’s Founder & Chief Editor, Amira Azzouz, and here is

the interview:

Interview date: October, 31, 2012

Why did you decide to translate your website?
It has been a plan of ours to have Fustany.com in Arabic ever since we launched, as we mainly target Middle Eastern women, and while some prefer English there’s also a huge number of people who are interested in Arabic content.

For how long have you had the decision to translate before actually going for it?
Almost three years, but it was a hard step to take as we are relatively a small team and therefore it would have taken twice as much the time to translate the whole website.

What kept you from doing the website translation before Dakwak?
I could add to what I mentioned in the previous question, that cost wise it would have taken a good sum of our budget back then, as we are still a growing company.

How much would’ve approximately cost you to develop a translated website excluding translation cost?
It would have approximately cost USD 1000 as everything would have been duplicated; system and back-end wise.

How long did it take you to launch your translated website using Dakwak?
Less than one month…

How long have you had your translated site up?
For almost 5 months now :)

How much traffic percentage is the Arabic site getting in comparison to the English in that period of time?
The traffic doubled!

And finally, why are you using Dakwak?
The system is very easy and user-friendly, there are always updates and upgrades which make our life much easier to manage the content, and whenever we add a new section or segment on Fustany.com we don’t have to worry about developing this section in Arabic again, Dakwak does all the technical work for us automatically.

Thank you Amira for your time!

Watch how Dakwak translates BBC’s website in this short video!