Over 70% of Internet Users in China Rely on Online Translator Services


According to China’s biggest online multilingual translation service provider, fanyi.youdao.com, 73.7% of Chinese internet users rely on online translation tools with English being the most popular source and target language.

The study revealed that when it comes to translating from Chinese to English, the online tools are

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mostly used for communication purposes, i.e. to translate words and sentences for greetings, chats and introductions. Chinese internet users also depend on online translation services to translate information and articles from English to their native language.
But not all internet users are happy with online translators; almost 20% of the survey participants reported they would be willing to pay for professional (human) translation services because existing machine translation services did not meet their expectations.

Whether Chinese internet users master English or not, one thing is evident: the majority of them – as do other international internet users – like to browse sites in their native language and ideally sites that have localized content. Common Sense Advisory research also tells us that 85% of internet surfers require information in their own language before making an online purchase.

With 538 million internet users, China has by far (the US follows with about 245 million users) the largest internet population in the world. Many of those internet users could, at this very moment, be searching for information, products and services that you offer.

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