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Translating your website gives your company global exposure; but more importantly, it drives traffic to your website, which in turn can lead to increased sales and revenues – what every business ultimately wants to achieve.

The fact that 85% of consumers require information in their native language before making an online purchase cannot be emphasized enough. That is about a billion internet users surfing the web looking for information or something to purchase in a language other than English. When you “speak” the language of your potential customers, it builds credibility, communication, trust and loyalty. Why would any business, large or small, want to miss out on that huge opportunity? Just imagine if you could reach out and be visible to even just one percent of those people!

So how do you go about reaching your target audience and driving traffic back to your website? You may be thinking: easy, just use a free online automatic translation tool such as Google Translate and you will instantly be visible to the world.

Not quite.

Online automatic translation tools do not offer the valuable features that technologies such as dakwak provide to effectively reach global audiences:

Search engine visibility:
our technology allows your website to be found by users searching in their native language. Online translation tools do not add search engine

visibility to the translated versions of your website.

Localized text and media content: online translation tools only offer strict machine translation; however, dakwak allows you to control the text and media content uniquely and dynamically on each translated version of your website. Furthermore, unlike on-the-fly translation tools, with dakwak you can replace specific sections

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of content or present different content for each translated version of your website. This means you will be delivering localized content and creating a fully localized experience for your visitors.

Fully functional translated website: online translation tools are limited to page translations based on your visitor’s demand. dakwak, on the other hand, offers fully functional translated versions of your website.

A multi-layered translation system: creates great flexibility by allowing you to choose between three levels of professional translation in addition to machine translation, crowd-sourced translation and translation by your team. Online tools only provide machine translation and crowd-sourced translation is only available for improving the quality of the machine translation and not the translation of the website itself.

Still not convinced? Why not try dakwak’s 14-day free trial, available here

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